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Interstate Lullaby Digital Download

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Produced by Dolphus Ramseur

These songs were recorded in 2018 and 2019 in Dolphus and Dana Ramseur’s Concord, NC living room. All tracks were recorded directly to tape using two Didrik De Geer microphones (#33 & #34) and Nagra IV-S and Stellavox SM9 tape machines. The tapes were prepared by Jason Richmond and Dolphus Ramseur at Slipstream Studios in Hillsborough, NC. WAV files are hires 24/96.

Track listing:

1. Flow On River
2. Interstate Lullaby
3. No Pool Hall
4. Camp Latta Shuffle
5. Jazz Interlude
6. Edge Of Town
7. The Young Drunk
8. Nocturnal
9. Country Interlude
10. Summer Is Done
11. Key In Her Pocket
12. Streets Of Nashville
13. Twilight Road
14. Farewell To Indiana